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Migration and Family Workshop

Paris - La Défense
June 20-21 2022

Family and mobility decisions are closely intertwined. The Migration and Family Workshop (1st edition) aims at presenting cutting-edge research papers at the frontier of the Economics of the Family and the Economics of Migration. It is thought as a hub where worldwide experts get in contact with researchers interested in the study of migration and family behaviors, in order to exchange ideas, projects and perspectives about the last developments of the scientific knowledge in these fields.

For our first edition, we have the great honor to welcome four keynote speakers: Matthias Doepke (Northwestern University), Paola Giuliano (UCLA), Giovanni Peri (UCDavis) and Ran Abramitzky (Stanford University) as well as four distinguished speakers: Selma Walther (University of Sussex), Christina Felfe (University of Würzburg), Marco Tabellini (Harvard University) and Marc Klemp (University of Copenhagen).


Matthias Doepke


Paola Giuliano

Giovanni Peri_edited.jpg

Giovanni Peri


Ran Abramitzky


Selma Walther


Christina Felfe


Marco Tabellini


Marc Klemp

Participation is free but registration is compulsory, please follow the link below to register. The workshop will be held at the IESEG School of Management  in Paris-La Défense in Building La Promenade, Room XXX.

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