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About the Workshop

The Migration and Family Workshop was launched in 2022 by Thomas Baudin and Simone Moriconi in the context of the project MALYNES, financed by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR). It is the flagship recurrent event of the IESEG Research Center of Family Labor and Migration Economics (IFLAME)


The workshop builds on the view that family and mobility decisions are closely intertwined, and aims at presenting cutting-edge research papers at the frontier of the Economics of the Family and the Economics of Migration. It is thought as a hub where worldwide experts get in contact with researchers interested in the study of migration and family behaviors, in order to exchange ideas, projects and perspectives about the last developments of the scientific knowledge in these fields in a relaxed athmosphere.​

With such an objective in mind, the workshop features invited presentations by worldwide scholars in the fields of migration and family economics. Each invited presentation is followed by a discussion.


Invited sessions are complemented by poster sessions, for which we welcome paper submission by young economists (PhD students and young doctors).


Call for posters of the 2024 edition available here


Organizing and Scientific Committee

Thomas Baudin, Simone Moriconi, Enkelejda Havari, Tat-Kei Lai, Juan Munoz-Morales

Workshop Coordinator

Celine Lesuun

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