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Immigration and Nationalism: A Matter of Degrees?

NBER digest of December 2018


Which immigrant groups face the most backlash, and which native groups get swept up in it? Hint: Analysis shows it’s not just economics.

Washington Post Article

Immigration and Populist Voting

The MALYNES' expertise

Interview of Simone Moriconi


The impact of immigration on EU countries’ nationalistic sentiments

The Conversation Article

(French version)


Immigration, Voting and Redistribution, Evidence from European Elections  


InsTED column by Simone Moriconi, Giovanni Peri and Ricardo Turati.

Débat migratoire : lutter contre les clichés 


Science Today (Université Catholique de Louvain), by Thomas Baudin and Simone Moriconi


Un vote des enfants d’immigrés biaisé vers la gauche ? 

S Moriconi, G.Peri and R.Turati Esprit Animaux


Long term political consequences of immigration: Voting preferences of immigrants’ children in European countries 

VoxEU by S Moriconi, G Peri and R Turati.

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